Current Projects

I am currently engaged in several projects examining the soil carbon and biodiversity benefits of natural climate solutions (NCS). I am also involved in multiple collaborations examining the expected greenhouse gas mitigation and carbon sequestration benefits of widespread adoption of NCS in the agricultural sector in the United States.

Improving decision-support tools.

Quantifying soil carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions from cover crops

Our recent work indicates that cover crops are a viable NCS in temperate agricultural production systems. Informed management decisions about when and where to plant cover crops can facilitate greater carbon sequestration under this practice.

Increasing carbon sequestration in beef production systems.

Infrequent compost applications to irrigated and dryland pastures

A large portion of my dissertation involved an on-farm field experiment to better understand above and belowground diversity, carbon sequestration, and forage production responses to organic amendment applications (i.e., compost) in irrigated and semi-native pastures in northern Colorado.

Quantifying biodiversity impacts of beef production systems.

Applying the FAO LEAP Guidelines for biodiversity impact assessments

We are using the recent FAO LEAP guidelines for an environmental impact assessment of a cow-calf operation in central Florida to demonstrate how local biodiversity data can be incorporated into livestock life cycle assessment.