Climate change.

The twin climate and biodiversity crises present society with two enormous challenges. The time to act is short to avoid catastrophic climate change, and the sixth mass extinction event is already upon us. Addressing these crises will not be possible without rapid and fundamental changes to managed terrestrial ecosystems. Many of these changes will involve the management of soils, but also how we produce animal-based foods.

With growing attention on natural climate solutions (NCS) to combat the climate crisis, truly sustainable NCS pathways will entail not only maximizing the net climate benefits of these practices, but also minimizing their negative, non-target effects on biodiversity and other pillars of sustainability. Viable NCS must also be reliable, economical, and scalable.


Soil Carbon, Methane, and More


Recent publications include strategies to mitigate enteric methane in vivo, and the soil carbon responses of irrigated pasture to compost applications. A complete list of my recently published articles and submitted manuscripts is available by visiting the link below.

Shelby C. McClelland

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