I am an agroecosystem ecologist and biogeochemist dedicated to identifying science-based solutions for mitigating the impact of agricultural production on climate change while maintaining a safe, nutritious food supply for future generations.

I received my Bachelor of Science from Cornell University in 2014 in International Agriculture and Rural Development with an emphasis in agricultural food systems and ecology & the environment. I am currently working towards my PhD in Ecology at Colorado State University in the Schipanksi Agroecology Lab.

My research interests include soil organic matter dynamics, biogeochemistry, trace gas emissions, and alternative crop and livestock management systems. I use a combination of empirical research, life cycle analysis, and ecosystem models to answer these questions.

My current research examines how residue and grazing management impacts plant-soil interactions and the consequences for whole-farm net greenhouse gas emissions.

Outside of my research, I am an avid reader, fitness enthusiast, and globe-trotter.

I’d love to hear from you.