Recent publications

McClelland, S.C., Paustian, K., Schipanski, M.E. (submitted). Management of cover crops influences soil organic carbon stocks – A meta-analysis. Ecological Applications.

McClelland, S.C., Paustian, K., Williams, S., and Schipanski, M.E. (in prep). Modeling cover crop biomass production and related emissions to improve farm-scale decision-support tools. Agricultural Systems.

Benaouda, M., Martin, C., Arndt, C., Bannik, A., Bayat, A.R., Crompton, L.A., …McClelland, S.C.,…& Eugène, M. (in prep). Assessment of nutritional strategies to mitigate enteric methane emissions of ruminant and their impact on excretions. Journal of Cleaner Production.

Previous publications

Niu, M., Kebreab, E., Hristov, A. N., Oh, J., Arndt, C., Bannink, A.,…, McClelland, S.C.,… & Crompton, L. A. (2018). Prediction of enteric methane production, yield and intensity in dairy cattle using an intercontinental database. Global Change Biology.

McClelland, S.C., Arndt, C., Gordon, D.R., Thoma, G. (2018). Type and number of environmental impact categories used in livestock life cycle assessment: A systematic review. Livestock Science. ISSN 1871-1413

Wezel, A., Soboksa, G., McClelland, S., Delespesse, F. Boissau, A. (2015). The blurred boundaries of ecological, sustainable, and agroecological intensification. A review. Agronomy for SustainableDevelopment. DOI 10.1007/s13593-015-0333-y